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The Vegawatt Cogeneration System

We are pleased to announce the Vegawatt Cogeneration System. The Vegawatt system was developed for restaurants to convert waste vegetable oil to electricity which will lower a restaurant’s electrical bill and hot water bill.

Vegawatt Cogeneration System Benefits: The Vegawatt will do the following: Reduce electricity and energy costs. Reduce domestic hot water energy costs. Eliminate waste oil hauling costs. Protect your restaurant with an Automatic Emergency Backup Generator. Attract Eco-Friendly patrons.

The Vegawatt Cogeneration System: comes in various sizes depending on how much waste oil you produce each week. From 30 gallons per week to 120 gallons per week. Your Return On Investment (ROI) is between 2 and 3 years. To learn more please call 978 884 8156 and ask for David.

The Snowmaster Snowscoop offers Replacement Blades

The Snowmaster Snowscoop: One of our most popular snow removal devices is the Snowmaster Snowscoop. And one of the things we like about the Snowscoop is that you can easily and inexpensively replace the blades. Two blades cost only $19.95.

Replacement Time: Many of our customers are replacing their Snowmaster Snowscoop blades at this time. Winter is here and snow is falling. If you have a Snowmaster Snowscoop, this is a good

Snow Scoop in action

time for blade replacement.

Activeion’s New Cleaning Devices

Activeion HOM: Activeion has developed a home cleaning device, the Ionator Hom, which uses just tap water. The tap water is ionized which adds positive and negative charges to the water. The positive and negative charges bond with the dirt and separate the dirt from the object the dirt is on.

The HOM: Having the Ionator HOM cleaning device means that you don’t have to use chemicals to clean your house and home. The HOM will do it all: kitchen floors, kitchen cabinets, refrigerator, counters, sinks, bathrooms, showers; this is the one safe and environmentally responsible cleaner.

The HOM: Revolutionize the way you clean your home with a simple spray cleaner that uses only your tap water. No more locked cabinets filled with dozens of harmful chemicals. From windows to countertops, stainless steel, even carpets, one Ionator Hom device does it all.

Fiskars Momentum Adding Grass Catcher Spring 2011

The Popular Fiskars Momentum Reel Mower: Fiskars Momentum  is adding a Grass Catcher this coming Spring. The 18″ reel mower which revolutionized reel mowing in 2010 will offer this grass catching feature. The Fiskars Momentum

Fiskar Momentum Reel Mower

was the best new mower in the reel mower line up last year.

Fiskars Momentum: The Momentum cuts from 1″ to 4″ and is easily adjustable. Because the wheels are in front and behind the cutting blades, the Momentum cuts right up to the edge, so there is not a cutting gap like most reel mowers. Because of its 18″ blades, the Momentum gets the job done quickly.

Annual Geminid Meteor Shower tonight

Geminid meteor shower: Stargazers are in for a treat tonight as the annual Geminid meteor shower is set to peak in the early hours of December 14, 2010. According to The AP, astronomers predict that it will be the best meteor shower of the year, with over 100 blazing meteors streaking through the sky each hour.

While the entire shower should be somewhat visible between December 12 and December 16, the best time to watch is between midnight tonight and sunset tomorrow morning, with ideal visibility in the Northern Hemisphere.

The meteors will appear to fall from the Gemini constellation, thus the reason for its name, so face northeast to witness the spectacle.

According to National Geographic, Geminid is the only annual meteor shower though to come from an asteroid-like object, known as 3200 Phaethon, a three-mile-wide space rock discovered by a NASA satellite in 1983.


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Great Article on Necessary Steps for Addressing Global Warming

Great Article: I just came across a terrific article which fully addresses global warming. In the article there are real steps which can be taken which will affect global warming. The article is at

Design Revolution: The article, written by Stuart Cowan, describes the Next Design Revolution. This is a revolution we all need to join, sooner rather than later.

Read this article: Do yourself a favor and read this article. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Resolutions 2011: Store rainwater and conserve

Storing rainwater is a great way to conserve water for use in your garden.  Tap water has additives (chlorine and fluoride) that plants don’t need or want. Rainwater is also slightly acidic and helps plants access soil nutrients. You can use a rain barrel to collect rain and also reduce storm water run-off which can stress storm systems. Read about the ideas for storing and saving water and the benefits for you and the environment.

Rain barrels are great way to store water for your gardening needs


It is simple to collect rainwater using a rain barrel. These large barrels with a spigot collect the rain water that comes from a roof’s gutter or downspout. If you live in an area that gets a lot of snow you can collect a large amount of water every winter by collecting snow in these barrels and waiting for the spring thaw . So if you are shoveling snow, be sure to shovel some into your rain barrel.

Winter Worm Composter Tips: From No-odor, to Ways to be Lazy!

worm composters are odorless and effective indoor composters.

worm composters are odorless and effective indoor composters.

Here are a few tips I have discovered using my worm composter (mine is a can-o-worms) inside this winter. My wormery composter has been inside for about 3 months now and the worms are multiplying like crazy and more than keeping up with our family of 4 kitchen wastes (except citrus and onions of course). Here’s how I have been keeping my worms happy and busy!

  • First, it’s ok to be lazy. When those gallons of compost tea come out the spigot below and it’s too cold to go outside, simply dump that tea right back in the top of the composter. Great, you can stay in your slippers now.
  • Next, onions and stinky stuff go to the outside bin. Or cover them in castings as you put them in. Then you are odor free. Yes!
  • You probably know that citrus never goes in a worm composter. But I’ll mention it again…keep that ph in balance.
  • Keep the top covered with shredded paper. It degrades over time so do keep adding it to the top.
  • Bury those banana peels. I have never had it happen but a couple customers recommend this to avoid those little flies. Again, we eat a lot of bananas and don’t have this problem. I wonder if it is because ours are organic??
  • Basement cold, turn the castings and food a bit. That will warm up the pile. Normally you would not do this because you do not want to heat up your worms, but in cold winter basements, a little extra heat can be a good thing!
  • Wormery getting full and you really just don’t want to empty it til spring, no worries! Pour a bucket of water over the top and let it filter thru to the bottom. That will sink everything a bit. And use the compost tea right back over the pile a few more times in a week and you will see the pile go down. Whew…another trip outside avoided!
  • Winter is a great time to get your kids into the worms. And to encourage them to show their friends. Again, an inside activity. Can you tell it’s really cold here!

Anyone else with winter composting tips? We want to hear…

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Smart Carts for Many Reasons

The Smart Cart: Over the years we have found the Smart Cart to be one of the best products we sell. It is light, versatile, moves large quantities, durable, easy to use, and is a daily part of our lives. Whether we are hauling recyclables to the curb for pickup, taking compost to the beds, transporting mulch, building a stone wall, moving firewood from the storage area to the house, the Smart Cart is there for us.

Second Pan: An added benefit to having a Smart Cart is that you can have a second tub. The Second tub can be the same size or can be the other size. If you have a 7′ tub, you can add the 12′ tub. If you have the 12′ tub you can add the 7′ tub. The second tub is great for those who need to feed or water pets and livestock or need outdoor storage.

Smart Cart hauls up to 600 pound EASILY. Frontwards or backwards. Perfectly balanced design.

Holiday Shopping

Holiday Shopping is a challenge, perhaps this year especially. Finding the right gift for your loved ones is often harder than one thinks. I have four siblings for whom I shop. I try to get useful, utilitarian gifts, and I try to give the same gift to all four. Two are women and two are men. For the past few years I have found some neat gifts at REI. The URL is

Great comments: One year I gave a headband light. At one time or another, three of  my siblings have expressed joy at having the light handy at the right time, often when an electrical outage occurred. Another year I gave a multifaceted tool. It had many pliers, screwdrivers, awl, and other  tools all built into one easy to use tool. This too received many nice comments.

This year: This year I wanted to do something in the clothing line and began searching on REI’s website about a month ago. Again, I’d like to give the same gift to all. After several visits to the website I came upon a buff. This looks like a great gift and is good for cold and hot climates which is nice because my siblings live in Arizona to Maine. What I really liked about this product, is that it can be used for so many things. It can be a neck warmer, a sand or wind breaker, a mask against cold, a cap and more. And to top it off it came in a design called Temple, which is our last name! So four Temple Buffs it is.

Gift Guide: The REI gift guide has been so much fun for me to use, I am making a Gift Guide for our website as well. It should be up any day now. One great gift idea is the Sno Wovel. We get so many wonderful thank you notes for this cool tool.