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Walkover Sprayers coming to the US


I run a company called People Powered Machines. We sell products which are good for the environment and are largely human powered.

While testing the best tools for gardening, we discovered the U.K. produced Walkover Sprayer . These sprayers are hand built in the UK. They work as you push them, when you stop the spraying stops. There is no engine, no motor, no battery. This is a proven product with professionals and garden enthusiasts.

This is a convenient and accurate way to apply organic weedkillers, fungicides, and  fertilizers. The Walkover Sprayer is used for all turf and grass areas, gardens, allotments, golf greens, tee boxes, tennis courts, sportsgrounds, paddocks, pathways and drives, and crocket fields.

With the ever increasing demand for organic sprays, Walkover Sprayers are the perfect solution for today’s groundsman or gardener.

The Greenskeeper Walkover Sprayer has a 91cm spray width and a 25 litre tank capacity.
It has four large pneumatic wheels and offers a swath marker system. It comes with a sophisticated filtration system.

We are very excited about offering this product to the US market and the consumer.