What’s the biggest way a family can reduce gas emissions?

Peoplepoweredmachines.com has been researching and test the best tools for creating your own home garden. While doing the months of research for these tools we keep coming across a fact that is little known :

On average, food travels at least 1,500 miles from farm to plate. The beef in a hamburger alone may use up to 5,000 calories of oil before you eat it. And that cow ate enough grain to feed 6 people for a month before it was slaughtered. There’s fuel used in every step – growing the food, harvesting it, transporting it, keeping it cool.

So what’s the very best way to reduce your fossil fuel emissions? Do you have to buy an expensive hybrid car? Add a million dollars worth of insulation to your house? Nope, believe it or not, most families will save more energy by ceasing to buy supermarket groceries than they will by buying a hybrid car.

So while we aren’t ready to give up bananas for the 100 mile diet, we are ready to consider growing vegetables around our house. After we test out these tools a bit more, we will have a selection of tools for the new home vegtable victory gardens!

More to come….

Victory Gardens Poster

Victory Gardens Poster


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