Sunlawn Moves Operations to US

UPDATE TO POST : Sunlawn Mower Reel Mower Brand Taken over by Easun


Sunlawn, Inc., a major supplier of ours, is moving manufacturing of reel lawn mowers to the states. After producing in China for two years, Sunlawn will begin producing three mowers, a trimmer, and grass catcher at their plant in Indiana.

Sunlawn feels that with the move they will continue to offer competitive products at competitive prices and will improve quality control of all products.

Starting in March of 2009, Sunlawn will offer three mowers. The Classic model will replace the popular MM2 and be able to mow from 1″ to 3.75″. The Ideal models will replace the LMM35 and LMM40 and be able to mow from .5″ to 3″.

We welcome them back to the US manufacturing world, and we look forward to offering these products from Sunlawn, Inc.

Until March of 2009, we will continue selling Sunlawn’s LMM40 and Grass Catcher.

Classic 40 Shown

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