Planting a Spring Garden? Do This Right Now…

eattheviewpicIt seems since the new White House is even thinking about having an organic vegetable garden on it’s lawn, lots of new and hopeful first time gardeners are dreaming of their spring gardens. Maybe it’s the economy. Maybe it’s the 100 mile diet urge. Whatever…we urge you not to wait til spring to begin your endeavor as your soil needs time to settle down and make the nutrients available for your plants.

Digg your compost in now for spring planting

Preparing the soil for a garden is done best in late fall, when adding compost, partially aged compost, and other organic materials to the soil will not take nitrogen from your seedlings. So before the soil freezes, get out there and turn some of your compost (ready or not) right into where you want to plant and let it amend your soil over the winter. If you have compost tea or tea from a wormery, pour that whereever you anticipate tucking your vegtables in the soil and let the repair and recolonization begin!

I admit I have an obsession…

This would be a good time to admit that I may think of my soil more than my actual plants! I can’t pass a manure heap, a bag of leaves, or pile of garden waste without considering bringing it home to my various composting areas. I have a compost tumbler (a sunmar 400), a womery/ worm composter (can-o-worms), and a large loose compost pile in a corner of my yard where all my neighbors toss their leaves and garden clippings. It is surprising to see how that pile (that we in no way prepare or mix) breaks down on it’s own in under a year.  I even bury in my shredded mail, newspapers, and branches and everything turns into unbelievably rich humus.

The point here is: nature is going to do it’s thing. Compost just happens! So help your spring garden areas now and the compost will be absorbed into soil structure and  ready to feed your spring plants.


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