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Super-Easy Electric Leaf Shredder: Composter’s Best Fall Friend

Many folks face the problem each fall and winter of having too many leaves. One product we added this fall seems to be pleasing our customers. It’s the Flowtron LE-900.

It is a lightweight unit weighing only 17 lbs. which breaks the leaves up to 30 to 1 size reduction. This shredder/mulcher can be used alone or stood on a trash container with a liner for instant disposal. The size of the LE-900 is 19.5″ x 19.5″ x 23″. The unit runs on ordinary household current.

The Flowtron Leaf Eater also works on pine needles and grass clippings.

LE-900 Leaf Shredder Mulcher

Sno Wovel’s Second Test Results: It’s Conclusive, I much Prefer clearing Powder!

Those living in the north east recently received 8″ to 12″ of light powdery snow. It seemed like everything turned white. Having cleared my driveway of heavy slush days before, I eagerly looked forward to giving the Sno Wovel a different test.

At first with a foot of virgin snow all around me, the task looked daunting. But after a few paths were clear of snow, the removal went quickly. My 3000 square foot driveway took about half an hour to clear. In spots where it was convenient to drop or toss the snow, the snow began to build up to 5′ high. But because the snow was so light it was easy to toss or drop. When I was half way done, I noticed I felt like I had just started. Sno Woveling is so much easier than snow shoveling.

I  found that when the shovel filled up, I could keep pushing using the wheel. I would bring the snow to where I wanted to dump it and then go back and clean up what had been pushed to the side. I found the chipper worked well to clear close to the pavement. After clearing my driveway, my son and I headed off to a neighborhood sledding party.

Composters for Kids! Best-Selling Rolypig joined by Rolymole Wormerie

About the only complaint we hear regarding the Rolypig is that it takes about an hour to assemble and that the compost is not always in fine, finished form. These issues are being addressed by the manufacturers in the UK. The new Rolypigs will be nearly complete when shipped, so very little assembly will be required.

And this spring, the Rolypig will be joined by the Rolymole. The Rolymole is a wormery which works along side the Rolypig. Often the compost coming out of the Rolypig is not completely done. But it is perfect for the Rolymole. Just dump in the partially processed compost and let the worms do their job. As the worms eat through the compost, the finished compost drops down to the bottom of the Rolymole. Wiggle the Rolymole’s tail from side to side and the worm castings drop out for your use. The worm castings are a very finely composed compost.

The makers of the Rolymole and Rolypig hope to have the new models available in the US this spring. Below are pictures of the Rolymole and an explanation of how it operates.

Sno-Wovel’s First Test of the Season: Heavy Slush Cleared Easily, Back Still Happy

This morning when I woke up I looked out at 2″ of wet and icy snow. “Uhmm, it’s time to use the Sno Wovel, ” I thought. I brought my daughter to school, drove home and got out the Sno Wovel. The Sno Wovel looks like quite an interesting snow tool. It has a large wheel in the center. A large shovel comes off the wheel. On the other side a handle rises up to the user.

I have about 3000 square feet to clear on our driveway. In less than half an hour, my driveway was done, and I felt as if I had done nothing more than walked for 20 minutes. You push the Sno Wovel’s big wheel and drop the shovel to the level of the snow. When it fills up, you press the handle down and direct the snow’s flight. The Sno Wovel takes a few tries to get the hang of using it, but once you have used it, it is easy to use.

The Sno Wovel handled the heavy wet snow and slush very well. I used a wide shovel to clean up the stairs and closest points to my garage. When done, I wheeled the Sno Wovel back to its spot in the garage.

It is wonderful to use the Sno Wovel again. And it’s great to be able to shovel heavy wet and slushy snow without any back pain or muscle strain.

Sno Wovel
Foldit Cart

America Spends More Money on Lawn Care than Foreign Aid: Why We Need Less Lawn


American Green - easy funny read, will make you reconsider your lawn size and habits

Winter is the time when we have chance to breathe and read (spring thru late summer is our busiest season). So what am I reading…a book on lawns (you would think I could branch out beyond lawn mowers a bit right! 🙂 ). Specifically American Green: The Obsessive Quest for the Perfect Lawn by Ted Steinberg….which is an easy and funny read…even if you aren’t in a garden-related business.

Steinberg looks at both the lighter and the darker side of the all-American landscape, from mower accidents and pesticide poisonings to lawnmower racing and the man so addicted to perfection that he re-created Augusta’s 12th hole in his backyard. For Steinberg, the Scotts Company, the top seller of grass seed and fertilizer, is the ultimate villain, with its lawn propaganda that has convinced Americans to undertake time-consuming yard work that is nothing short of a “perpetual cycle of creative destruction.”

SEX, FOREIGN AID, AND AMPUTATIONS VERSES LAWN CARE (or you may not realize how much time and money our culture spends on lawns)

So Steinberg wants you to know :

  • TIME: The average homeowner will spend 150 hours a year maintaining their lawn (… but only 35 on sex!)
  • PESTICIDES: 10 times more herbicides per acre are dumped on lawns than on the fields of agribusiness.
  • MONEY: Per acre, it costs more to maintain a lawn than it does to grow corn, rice or sugarcane. More than 40 billion dollars are spent on the lawn in North American each year – more than the entire continent gave in foreign aid in 2005.
  • BIRDS + BEES: In the U.S. an estimated 7 million birds are killed yearly by lawn-care pesticides.  Honey Bee Colony collapse disorder is being linked to pesticides.
  • RUNOFF + FISH: Phosphorus run-off from lawn fertilizer causes algae blooms that suck oxygen out of lakes, asphyxiating fish.
  • WATER: 30% of the water used on the East Coast of U.S. goes towards watering of lawns. A single golf course in Tampa, Florida uses 178,800 gallons of water every day, enough to meet the daily water needs of over 2,200 people.
  • SAFETY: Approximately 7,500 Americans are injured every year using lawn mowers, about the same number as  firearms. About 10,000 of those accidents involve children. More than 30% these injuries resulted in an amputation of some sort.  That’s more than 22,000 limbs and digits that go missing every year in pursuit of the perfect green!

OK, so reading this book (or skimming this article) you are now empowered to ignore those advertisements to “show your lawn who is boss”, give up your unobtainable perfect lawn image, and create some biodiversity and pleasure in garden! Lastly, remember, noone can nap in their hammock if you using nasty smelly noisy lawn  or garden equipment – read my rant on noise pollution in the garden and how it is affecting our health.


For 11 years family owned peoplepoweredmachines has been active in the “less lawn, less emmissions”, organic lawn care and switch from gas mower to reel mower movement….way before it was so popular! We carry a line of enviromentally sound products that we carefully test and stand behind. We enjoy sponsoring teens with special terms to buy reel mowers (safer and greener) for their summer mowing business.
Enjoy your yard!   David

Our Most Popular Content: All Models of Reel Mowers Side by Side

reel mower comparison chart for all models...will help you choose!

reel mower comparison chart for all models...will help you see the differences.

11 years in business and we have accumulated a lot of content on our site. Out of all our pages, our  all reel mower models comparison chart is our second most visited web page. It has all the major manual push reel mowers side by side, with prices and reel blade types, cutting heights, and so forth…even prices (we try to keep them up to date).  Not as popular but important for our major products is the side by side comparison chart for Brill verses Sunlawn reel mowers which compares  only those brands models (the differences are hard to figure out without this chart- we saved ourselves a lot of customer support phone time with this page).

Most reel mowers sold in the US are manufactured by the companies listed our reel mower comparison chart. If you don’t see the reel mower you are considering on this chart, it is likely that it has had another brand name added to it. E-mail us and we can let you know which manufacturer has made the push reel mower model you are considering.

As a general rule, there are 2 types of reel mower blade technology. Brill + Sunlawn reel mowers have the “Contact-free” reel blade design. This means the Brill + Sunlawn reel blades stay sharp and keep cutting really well… saving you money, time, and hassel on sharpening services. Older generation reel mowers like Agrifab, Great States, and Scotts require frequent blade sharpening to keep cutting well. In fact, when you calculate how much money is saved by less sharpening of the blades, the Reel Mowers with non-contact cutting systems costs even less than an inexpensive mower.

But no matter which reel mower you choose…good for you! The world will be a better place…

Enjoy an Evening Walk Tonight because….

picture-271Yes, we’re off-topic again…but you have to know the largest full moon in 15 years is tonight (Friday Dec. 12th).

Friday’s full moon could appear up to 14% bigger and 30% brighter than other full moons this year, Nasa said. The Moon’s orbit is elliptical, meaning it does not follow a circular but rather an oval path. It is currently approaching the point where this oval orbit is nearest to the Earth. “It’s only every few years that a full moon happens to coincide with the part of the Moon’s orbit when its closest to the Earth,” said Marek Kukula, an astronomer at the UK’s Royal Observatory.

And in case you wondered why the moon is biggest upon sunrise and sunset…read this.