Sno Wovel 2009: Accessories Added to Clear Snow Even Easier

Good news from the Sno Wovel manufacturers…they have announced the new 2009 model Sno Wovel will now come with a folding frame for maximum portability and more convenient storage. These improvements make the Sno-Wovel much easier to store. The Sno-Wovel also offers new gravel wheels along with other new 2009 Sno-Wovel accessories and replacement parts such as replacement blades and and a wrist strip to wear that helps you not have to grip the wovel as hard. Also for winter snow clearing…we have added 3 video features on the sno wovel to  our site. Really, this tool “Time Magazines Best Inventions of 2006”, is this easy…

History Channel Feature Wovel History Channel report Download (WMV, 4.8MB)
KDKA News Feature Wovel news report


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