Non-Toxic Dry Cleaning: How to Make Sure Your Cleaner is Not Greenwashing Their Eco-Services

Just in time for cleaning your dry-clean only holiday outfits….the Wall Street Journal today had and article that really explains the “organic” and “eco-friendly” dry cleaning services methods out there now. Tho we may dry clean something twice a year, I love finally understanding this issue. The article sorts thru the various processes and tests the cleaning results.

The basic fact to know is that the chemical perchloroethylene — or “perc,” is nasty nasty nasty and the EPA is requiring a phase out but that is not in full effect yet.

Roughly 80% of the nation’s 30,000 dry cleaners still employ a cleaning method using the liquid solvent perchloroethylene — or “perc,” according to the New York-based National Cleaners Association.

Good news, you can find non-perc + green cleaners in your neighborhood with these web sites ::

And this is a teaser from the very detailed article that explains the various cleaning methods that are ok to use:



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