Restaurant, School, and Industrial Composting Now offered by People Powered Machines


  • It’s estimated that food wastes account for 50 percent of the material a typical restaurant dumps in the garbage bin.
  • According to the U.S.Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service, if 5% of consumer, retail, and food service food discards from 1995 were recovered, savings from landfill costs alone would be about $50 million dollars annually. -1
  • Recovering 5% of losses from these three sources “would represent the equivalent of a day’s food for each of 4 million people.” -2
  • In 1995, 14,000,000 tons of food discards were generated. Of this, only 4.1%, 600,000 tons,was diverted, or recovered, from the traditional disposal destinations of landfills and incinerators. -3
  • Restaurants and schools pay per pound for garbage pickup. When a composting system is setup, a school or business can have their trash dumpsters picked up less frequently, or use smaller dumpsters for the same pick-up frequency.
  • Businesses with record-setting food diversion programs are recovering 50 to 100% of their food discards and reducing their overall solid waste by 33 to 85%. These programs can allow a business to:
    • Avoid trash collection and disposal fees;
    • Recover the nutrient value of the food as compost or animal food;
    • Help your community meet local and state waste reduction goals;
    • Sustain local industries and jobs; and
    • Create an improved public image for your business.

PPM has been enthusiastically selling small scale home composting systems for years now. We are very excited to have just expanded our composting solution capacity to include composting solutions for schools, restaurants, and other mid-sized facilities.  We negotiated an arrangement with a company based in the UK and New Zealand with proven working technologies. This company manufactures three large composting machines able to handle large volumes of food waste.

A 700 person facility serving three meals per day can compost all their food waste using one of these machines.

If your business, school, restaurant is considering greening your operation with composting, please contact People Powered Machines for a free consultation to see if the scale of the systems we offer is in line with your requirements. PPM will ask you to complete a food waste audit. When the audit is completed, a PPM technician will arrange a time to come to your facility to discuss which machine suits your composting needs.

We’ll keep you posted on developments. So far, two schools and one university have received audits and are in the process of completing them. We are very excited to expand our work in the education field to include greening it!


1 Kantor L.S., Lipton K.,Manchester A., and Oliveira V., Estimating and Addressing America’s Food Losses. USDA, 1997, page 8: Advance release of same article in FoodReview,Vol. 20, No. 1, Jan.-Apr., 1997.
2 Kantor L.S., Lipton K.,Manchester A., and Oliveira V., 1997, page 4.
3 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Characterization of Municipal Solid Waste in the United States, 1996 Update, 1997, pp. 5-6.


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