The Best Workhorse in my Garden: The SmartCart Wheelbarrow

OK, so some tools are really hard to get across how great they using the web. And this is one of them. The SmartCart wheelbarrow is simply the best ever and ANYONE who has ever borrowed mine always raves about it. And comes back to borrow it for big jobs. It is the only wheelbarrow you will ever need to buy. Period.

  • Carrys a load of 600 pounds
  • perfectly balanced ergonomic design
  • finest weather-proof materials
  • really lightweight and maneuverable. 40 pounds
  • mulitple wheel types and pan sizes (pans are exchangable on one base size)
  • read the great warranty and specs here.

There is a reason the Smart Cart  is the choice of places that really understand quality tools :

-The Victory Garden,  Walt Disney Landscape Dept., San Diego Zoo
-The White House & VP Residences, The Palm Beach Polo Club
-MGM Studios, The Hearst Castle, Santa Barbara Yacht Club

Smart Cart hauls up to 600 pound EASILY. Frontwards or backwards. Perfectly balanced design.

Smart Cart hauls up to 600 pound EASILY. Frontwards or backwards. Perfectly balanced.

High end equestrian facilities ALWAYS use SmartCarts because EVERYONE can haul with them easily ( there tend to be a lot of young horse-happy girls like my daughter working there to pay for their horse lessons hauling around huge amounts of horse stuff!) So it is in their best interest to cater to their young workers (with a nod to their watchful parents) need for an easy easy easy wheelbarrow.

Each week I find new uses for our Smart Cart. We have the 7 cubic foot version  with the 20″ spoked  wheels. I think if I were purchasing again I’d get the 12 foot tub with the turf tires. The 20″ spoke tires provide very easy transport but I do have to pump them up with air fairly often.

lazy hikers hauling their wood (look, at least we weren't camping by the car!)

lazy hikers hauling their wood (look, at least we weren't camping by the car!)

I use the SmartCart to move wood from my wood pile to my house and load up the fireplace. One load fills our storage area. On Mondays I take the trash and recycling down to the street (think long winding rocky lane with potholes). With the Smart Cart this is a breeze…I used to load it up in my car…yuk.

Four weeks ago we purchased a gas grill. We brought it home in our wagon. But at nearly 300 pounds it was too much for my 11 year old son and I to carry to our porch for assembly. I brought out the Smart Cart and within minutes I had wheeled it over to the porch and unloaded it. All done easily and safely.

This fall, we had some tree work done. Sadly five cherry trees near the back of the house came down and two ash trees near the front of the house. I hired a company to take the trees down, and with the help of my wife and son we cleaned up over a few weeks time. Carrying the wood to the wood pile was a perfect task for the Smart Cart. It  also worked very well for the white pine sections which we brought into the woods to decompose. The tub material allows you to slide the tub on and over branches and trunks of wood.

Pans are waterproof and durable.

Pans are waterproof and durable.

And the other thing to know is the tub floats! So when we were building a restoration project for the bay, we loaded rocks boulders onto the cart, floated them out to where they needed to be placed to build the the rock breakfront. This was the only cart that could do that…so we lent if for the duration of the breakfront build (because we ran out of back-power quickly on this one).

So again, this is the garden wonder-tool and we just have to figure out how to get that across…because it is the workhorse for a lifetime.


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