Sno-Wovel verses the Snowscoop: Compare these Backsaving Snow Tools

Sno Wovel saves your back...really!

Sno Wovel saves your back...really!

We’ve carried snow removal tools for a few years now. We haven’t found an electric snow blower we like yet, but our 2 manual snow removal tools are really effective. We are often asked which of the 2 is better, the Sno-Wovel or the Snowscoop. To start, the Snowscoop comes nearly ready to use. You just fasten a few bolts and nuts and you are off. The Sno-Wovel takes more time to assemble, about 45 minutes, but once you have it assembled, look out snow. So far this year we have sold more Snowscoops than Sno-Wovels by about 2 to 1…I suspect mostly because of price.

The Sno-Wovel is more versatile in that it works well on different types of snow. If you have a lot to move…this is definitely the best tool out there. I have used mine with snowfalls of 12″, 9″, and 6″. My driveway takes about 90 minutes to do by hand when clearing 9″ of snow. With the Sno-Wovel it takes a third of the time. What I noticed from the first time I used the Sno-Wovel was how great my back felt afterwards (well I should say…how it didn’t feel any worse anyway 🙂 !). So let me repeat this : the Sno-Wovel is really easy on your back. You can see a video of it working here.


Snow Scoop in action

Snow Scoop in action

The Snowscoop works well with 6″ of fluffy snow. It is so compact and easy…many of our customers are businesses who need to shovel often and want to make sure their employees are not straining their backs. Kids can work the snowscoop easily. So for the snowscoop…think lighter snow needs, and shoveling before it gets really high. Remember to reorder Snowscoop replacement blades yearly.  We just got a few inches of the white stuff last night, not enough to shovel. It’s kind of funny that I’m actually looking forward to the first large snowfall so I can get my snow tools and show you how really easy they work.


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