Compost is Ready! Time to Empty Our Tumbleweed Composter

In preparation for our next round of compost, today I emptied our Tumbleweed Composter. As I have three different composters going at the same time, I am not quite sure this batch has been “cooking” but it has been a while…to check I peeked in and it is perfect. I am spreading this a bit late in our growing season (actually we are frozen here now), but I am envisioning a fertile place for my spring lettuce and that makes me happy! So back to the job…I pulled my Smart Cart (the best wheelbarrow ever…like I raved about here) up to the Tumbleweed and got the Tumbleweed in position,  undid the bottom lid and most of the compost slid into the Smart Cart. A little swing of the Tumbleweed back and forth gets all of the compost out of nooks and crannies. Bottom lid back on and we are ready for the next batch. That easy.

Of all my composters, the Tumbleweed does the best job of composting pure grass clippings…making great finished compost from grass clippings in two weeks. That’s about a fourth of the time of others. And this is really the only composter you don’t have to worry about the green/browns mix…as it just works on the pure clippings. Food scraps and coffee grounds do take longer than 2 weeks but not much. In winter I tend to turn it less to keep the heat in the center. The bin is weather proof and does a good job of keeping the heat. Placing the Tumbleweed in the sun will help keep everything cooking in winter. I also do some obessive things like heat kitchen scraps up in the microwave (I know…not very eco minded) in order to heat up a pile I feel is going to the point of freezing. And if your Tumbleweed Composter batch does freeze, no worries, that freeze-thaw process will help break down the fibers. Yes, some microbes and yummy residents will die but a lot will live and continue the composting process. Stay tuned for a post about more general winter composting tips this week…


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