The Right Tools Save you Time and Money: 5 Models of Push Sweeping Machines


Haaga TurboSweeper

Haaga TurboSweeper: Picking up cans and nails

We ordered our first Haaga Sweeper about 6 years ago to help with our storage area cleaning and loved it right from the start. At that time we were only carrying push reel mowers so it took us 3 years to finally figure out the logistics to add it to our product line. In the meantime we ordered a smaller version for our garage and that too was made beautifully and has proved to be a big time saver. With two cars, electric motor scooter, smart cart, Haaga sweeper, demos of large products including composters, Rolypigs, lawnmowers, trimmers, bicycles, tools, trash and recycling containers… there is a lot of stuff. Add to that four people working and playing in the space, it makes sense that it seems to be needing cleaning on a bi-weekly basis. This used to mean using a broom to sweep up the debris or challenging a vacuum cleaner to deal with the debris which included cups and nails. Now all we have to do is back the cars out into the driveway and begin pushing the Haaga Turbo 770 around. In 10 minutes, the garage is almost vacuum clean. And our kids are really happy about this as sweeping up is “their job” and their contribution to our business. All these sweepers are lightweight and easy to push (weights and specs here).


Haaga TopSweep 75, motorless residential push sweeper

Haaga makes five sweepers starting with the Top Sweep 55 and advancing up to the Turbo 970 Accu. The TopSweeps are the residential models…great for smaller sized areas,  garage/sidewalk type applications. The TurboSweeps are for larger areas like parking lots, warehouses, greenhouses, gas stations, and supermarkets.. Turbo 770 introduces the center brush. The 970 offers a larger broom system. The 970 Accu operates electrically using the Accu Battery (not related to the Brill Accu btw). See below for the comparisons and here for more details.

The Turbo is the least expensive of the larger models and has two large circular brooms and a center brush sweeper. I really appreciate this third brush as it picks up almost all fine debris. The Top Sweep models do a good job but a small film of debris is often left where the two large brushes meet. All Haaga sweeper models have adjustable brushes. Turn the knob and the brush level changes to accommodate all kinds of surfaces, from concrete and asphalt to low carpet and smooth interior flooring.


  • Extremely easy to use, to push, carry, and store.
  • Can be used on concrete, tile, rugs, and pavement etc.
  • Brush pressure easily adjusted to allow for various surfaces, indoors or outdoors.
  • Sweeps up dry, wet, coarse and fine materials. Even leaves, stones, cigarette butts, paper, beverage cans, cups, broken glass, large debris, sand, stone and dirt
  • Empties easily : removable latched container can be taken off, emptied and refastened with a sweep of one hand.
  • Ideal for home and business. for driveways, walkways, storefronts, patios, garages, poolside, movie theaters.
  • Save your back. Just walk and easily push dirt and debris away. No more bending over to pick up large debris.
  • Protect your eyes and lungs from dust and mold. Haaga’s patented 2 brush design sends the material into the hopper, not your body for dust-free sweeping.
  • Al Gore would approve – no air pollution, noise pollution or energy consumption


Last Saturday, my son and I were sawing up an ash tree. There was quite a bit of sawdust on our driveway. My son ran the Haaga over the sawdust and it seemed to jump into the Haaga… you could barely see any remains of the sawdust.

That’s a long way of saying…these machines do a stellar job, and just like your broom, can leave traces of dirt behind. If you need a pristine floor…a shopvac like thing may be a better solution for you. However I would rather have a trace of dust than hear a vacuum or blower noise (read my noisy tool rant here).

Here are the recommeded sized areas for the different models and a quick comparison:

Comparing the Haaga Residential Sweepers

Comparing the Haaga Residential Sweepers

Comparing the Haaga TurboSweepers

Comparing the Haaga TurboSweepers


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