Our Most Popular Content: All Models of Reel Mowers Side by Side

reel mower comparison chart for all models...will help you choose!

reel mower comparison chart for all models...will help you see the differences.

11 years in business and we have accumulated a lot of content on our site. Out of all our pages, our  all reel mower models comparison chart is our second most visited web page. It has all the major manual push reel mowers side by side, with prices and reel blade types, cutting heights, and so forth…even prices (we try to keep them up to date).  Not as popular but important for our major products is the side by side comparison chart for Brill verses Sunlawn reel mowers which compares  only those brands models (the differences are hard to figure out without this chart- we saved ourselves a lot of customer support phone time with this page).

Most reel mowers sold in the US are manufactured by the companies listed our reel mower comparison chart. If you don’t see the reel mower you are considering on this chart, it is likely that it has had another brand name added to it. E-mail us and we can let you know which manufacturer has made the push reel mower model you are considering.

As a general rule, there are 2 types of reel mower blade technology. Brill + Sunlawn reel mowers have the “Contact-free” reel blade design. This means the Brill + Sunlawn reel blades stay sharp and keep cutting really well… saving you money, time, and hassel on sharpening services. Older generation reel mowers like Agrifab, Great States, and Scotts require frequent blade sharpening to keep cutting well. In fact, when you calculate how much money is saved by less sharpening of the blades, the Reel Mowers with non-contact cutting systems costs even less than an inexpensive mower.

But no matter which reel mower you choose…good for you! The world will be a better place…


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