Sno-Wovel’s First Test of the Season: Heavy Slush Cleared Easily, Back Still Happy

This morning when I woke up I looked out at 2″ of wet and icy snow. “Uhmm, it’s time to use the Sno Wovel, ” I thought. I brought my daughter to school, drove home and got out the Sno Wovel. The Sno Wovel looks like quite an interesting snow tool. It has a large wheel in the center. A large shovel comes off the wheel. On the other side a handle rises up to the user.

I have about 3000 square feet to clear on our driveway. In less than half an hour, my driveway was done, and I felt as if I had done nothing more than walked for 20 minutes. You push the Sno Wovel’s big wheel and drop the shovel to the level of the snow. When it fills up, you press the handle down and direct the snow’s flight. The Sno Wovel takes a few tries to get the hang of using it, but once you have used it, it is easy to use.

The Sno Wovel handled the heavy wet snow and slush very well. I used a wide shovel to clean up the stairs and closest points to my garage. When done, I wheeled the Sno Wovel back to its spot in the garage.

It is wonderful to use the Sno Wovel again. And it’s great to be able to shovel heavy wet and slushy snow without any back pain or muscle strain.

Sno Wovel
Foldit Cart


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