Composters for Kids! Best-Selling Rolypig joined by Rolymole Wormerie

About the only complaint we hear regarding the Rolypig is that it takes about an hour to assemble and that the compost is not always in fine, finished form. These issues are being addressed by the manufacturers in the UK. The new Rolypigs will be nearly complete when shipped, so very little assembly will be required.

And this spring, the Rolypig will be joined by the Rolymole. The Rolymole is a wormery which works along side the Rolypig. Often the compost coming out of the Rolypig is not completely done. But it is perfect for the Rolymole. Just dump in the partially processed compost and let the worms do their job. As the worms eat through the compost, the finished compost drops down to the bottom of the Rolymole. Wiggle the Rolymole’s tail from side to side and the worm castings drop out for your use. The worm castings are a very finely composed compost.

The makers of the Rolymole and Rolypig hope to have the new models available in the US this spring. Below are pictures of the Rolymole and an explanation of how it operates.


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