Sno Wovel’s Second Test Results: It’s Conclusive, I much Prefer clearing Powder!

Those living in the north east recently received 8″ to 12″ of light powdery snow. It seemed like everything turned white. Having cleared my driveway of heavy slush days before, I eagerly looked forward to giving the Sno Wovel a different test.

At first with a foot of virgin snow all around me, the task looked daunting. But after a few paths were clear of snow, the removal went quickly. My 3000 square foot driveway took about half an hour to clear. In spots where it was convenient to drop or toss the snow, the snow began to build up to 5′ high. But because the snow was so light it was easy to toss or drop. When I was half way done, I noticed I felt like I had just started. Sno Woveling is so much easier than snow shoveling.

I  found that when the shovel filled up, I could keep pushing using the wheel. I would bring the snow to where I wanted to dump it and then go back and clean up what had been pushed to the side. I found the chipper worked well to clear close to the pavement. After clearing my driveway, my son and I headed off to a neighborhood sledding party.


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