The Sno Wovel Does It Again: Heavy Wet Snow + My Back is Still Fine

With winter staring us in the eyes, it looks like I’ll have lots of opportunities to work with the Sno Wovel. Last night brought 3″ more of the lovely white stuff. This was very heavy wet snow. Those of you who follow my winter-tests know I have a history of back injuries AND a reeeaaaalllly long driveway! So this is a product that I am thrilled really follows thru on it’s ergonomic back-saving promise.

Previously, the handles on the wheeled snow shovel seemed a little high so I adjusted them to be about 3″ lower. This adjustment made the work more comfortable, and it made tossing the snow easier. I’m 5’10” and this height worked well for me. Because there was only 3″ I could be a little more creative in my technique. I have found doing strips of about 15′ was most efficient. If I had fluffy snow, I might do strips of 30′.

The work went well and once again I had no back pain or muscle pain. It is a treat to have the Sno Wovel in my garage.

Now with a folding frame for maximum portability and more convenient storage!

The Revolutionary, Award Winning Sno Wovel®:



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