Hey! We are Looking for Great Recycling Units and Compacters

Just a year ago we sold a neat in home or office recycling unit called the Ecopod. Ecopod operated business on the west coast. Something happened to the owner, and we were no longer able to get supplies.

Since we lost contact with Ecopod we have been looking to replace the product line. We just have made contact with two exciting products. One is very similar to the Ecopod and is called the Mode Premium. You use it in your home to store and compact bottles and cans. You also use it for paper collection and trash.

At the same time we have made contact with a company which makes solar compacters on a larger scale. These would be used by businesses, towns, schools, and universities. Presently the compacters compress what is put inside at a 5 to 1 ratio.

Customers have the option of identifying one compacter to be item specific so that plastic bottles go in one compacter, aluminum cans go in another compacter, and trash for yet another. This is obviously better for the recycling benefit.

The compacter company sites all the savings associated with trash collection. Successful use would mean an 80% savings on fuel, traffic, and pollution associated with trash collection.

We’ll keep you posted as we learn more about the Recycling units and Compacters.


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