Sunlawn Electric and Reel Mower News

UPDATE TO POST : Sunlawn Mower Reel Mower Brand Taken over by Easun


We just learned today that Sunlawn will continue to manufacture in China for another year. Earlier in the year we were told that they would be moving their manufacturing operation to Indiana.

This year  Sunlawn plans to produce three reel mowers and a lawn trimmer. Two of the mowers will closely resemble the LMM reel mower series produced last year, 2008. Presently, we are selling the LMM40 reel mower. The new mowers will be called Ideal and offer cutting blades of 35 and 40 centermeters. These mowers will sell in the $150 range.

Sunlawn will  also produce a Classic model which will be somewhat similar to the MM2 model produced in 2007. The MM2 reel mower was a very popular mower. The Classic will have five blades. The cutting height can be adjusted from .5″ to 3″.

We’ll keep you posted on when the Sunlawn reel mowers come available. We expect them to be here in early March.


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