New Tumbleweed Composter Made From Recycled Plastic

The Tumbleweed manufacturers have come out with a new Tumbleweed composter. This tumble type compost maker is made from 100% post industrial recycled plastic and carries the same warranty as the original Tumbleweed composter. It is important we all begin to demand plastic products come from recycled products whenever we can and this is an easy way to start.

tumbleweed composter makes compost faster and easiesr

tumbleweed composter makes compost faster and easiesr

The new Tumbleweed made from 100% recycled plastic is black (The original Tumbleweed is green). Presently US supply is out of the green Tumbleweeds, but is fully supplied with the black one. The black color should generate more heat as well.

Take the back-breaking work out of composting! There’s no need to fork and lift when you use the Tumbleweed Compost Bin. Just add kitchen and yard waste to the 7 cu. ft. bin, and with a quick spin, you can create a rich compost mix in as little as 21 days. Due to the Tumbleweed’s patented “aeration method”, you can make at least four loads of compost in the time it takes traditional methods to produce one. All with only a daily spin. No turning, no mess, no pests. Save your back and enjoy your garden!

How The Tumbleweed Compost Maker Works:

  • Add organic waste and tumble on a regular basis. The Tumbleweed  loads easily thru the top of the unit.
  • Just a spin a day : No Heavy forking of the contents or complicated layering techniques are not required.
  • Minimum effort : simply fill the bin with the required materials and tumble every couple of days.
  • Leverage allows young and old to tumble the bin, even when full.
  • Air and moisture are distributed by the tumble action creating ideal conditions for rapid decomposition.
  • Valuable nutrients are retained within the bin.
  • Will recycle 100% lawn clippings. Grass cuttings are usually produced in such quantity that traditional composting methods cannot handle them.

The Tumbleweed has been our best compost maker when using grass clippings. In two weeks time, the grass clippings convert to compost fully. The Tumbleweed can also be used for  food waste. See our page for Tumbleweed Composter Composting Tips or read our more general compost tips and tricks for more info on the type of foods and other composting info.


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