Big Belly Solar Trash Compacters = Win, Win, Win

We are delighted to announce the addition of Big Belly Solar products to our line. These compacters can do a great deal toward lowering energy costs associated with trash pick up.

The compacters can work in many ways. The units have a solar panel which is placed on top of the compacter which stands about four feet  high. All trash can be placed in the unit and is slowly compacted by energy gathered by the solar panel. Compaction occurs at an average of 5 to 1. This means that collection occurs 80% less frequently.

A more efficient use would be to have just recyclables placed in the Big Belly Solar unit. After the 5 to 1 compaction and collection, the contents should be brought to a single stream recycling facility, where everything would be effectively recycled.

The City of Boston has many Big Belly units in use, and Mayor Menino speaks highly of the job they are doing. Towns, cities, businesses, parks, beaches, and colleges will soon be adding Big Belly Solar compacters to their recycling and trash plans.

BigBelly image


Peoplepoweredmachines is a family owned business, 11 years old, always selling environmentally sound products such as reel mowers, electric mowers, composters, rainbarrels, solar products and more.


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