Two New Remington Electric Mowers Coming In April 2009

UPDATE TO THIS POST: Remington Mower is going out of business! To find powerful comparable replacement we tested 2009 models and choose the Epic Mower with solar charging option. Read whole story.


Last year Remington started making electric mowers for the first time. They made an electric mower which could be used with a battery or in corded mode.

Remington will be adding two new electric rotary mowers this spring. The electric mowers compliment the Remington MPS6017A which was popular last mowing season. The MPS6017A operates as both a battery powered electric mower and a corded electric mower. The user could choose which source of power to use when mowing. The MPS6017A will be sold this year as well.

NEW 2009: The MB6017A is a battery powered electric mower. The powerful and removable 60 Volt battery will run up to 1 hour of run time on a single charge. The mower comes with a bagger and has a 17″ cutting blade. This mower is 20% lighter than the Black and Decker battery mowers. The MB6017A includes an external charging adapter and spare batteries are an option. The mower comes with a two year warranty.

NEW 2009: The MEB1217A is a 12 Amp corded electric mower with BOOST. The internal circuitry constantly regulates blade speed to the maximum. This mower comes with a bagger and has a 17″ cutting blade. It features a unique storage compartment for safety goggles. It is lightweight, weighing only 40 lbs. The mower comes with a two year warranty.

Remington now has all the bases covered. If you want a battery powered mower, they offer the MB6017A. If you want a corded electric mower, they offer the MEB1217A. If you want both the battery and the corded, Remington offers the MPS6017A.


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