5 Minute Adjustment keeps Your Reel Mower Blades Perfect

First, this is for new generation reel mowers only:
The Brill and Sunlawn line of reel lawnmowers have a non-contact cutting system. This means the reel blades stay sharp and you will save money and time on sharpening services. Older generation reel mowers require frequent blade sharpening because  the reel blades make contact with the bedknife. Brill and Sunlawn engineered the reel mower so the blades miss the bedknife by .05mm, thus the blades cut better and last longer. However, there is a yearly adjustment that you need to do to keep the reel blade working great.

The Brill and Sunlawn reel lawnmowers blades stay sharp up to 8 years. Older generation reel mowers need frequent sharpening. In fact, when you calculate how much money is saved by less sharpening of the blades, the Brill and Sunlawn’s cost  less than the older generation mowers. You can see all old and new generation reel mowers in this chart.

This is the simple little guage:


guage for new generation reel mowers (Brill and Sunlawn)

The Brill reel mowers and the Sunlawn reel mowers come with a gauge taped to the manual (and it’s easy to miss). Don’t be like our web designer who threw hers away. Keep it. It is a thin piece of metal and is used to adjust the gap between the bedknife and the spinning reel blades on your reel mowers. If you loose it, you can get a replacement one here.

Once a year adjustment

When your Brill or sunlawn reel mower arrives the blades have been set perfectly by the factory. The second year, you’ll notice the mower is not cutting as well as when it was new. Just turn your mower over and you’ll see two bolts on either side of the mower which have an octagonal head. Take a 10mm wrench loosen both bolts…turning clock wise about a 1/4 of a turn. Take the gauge and place it between the bedknife and the reel blade at one side of the mower. The blades should just pinch the gauge. Check the other side as well to make sure the blades just pinch the gauge. Here are some pictures of this process on our site.

OK, where’d I put it?
Put your gauge in a safe place as you’ll be using it again. I tape it to my manual. And you can order replacement reel mower guages here.


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