Gotta Have! Fully Compostable Dinnerware and Kitchenware

We are pleased to be adding Vegware to our products. Vegware uses technology to make fully compostable cutlery and tableware. Their longterm goal is to make a difference in how waste is managed and processed. You can eat and drink and then compost.

Styrofoam cups, and disposable tableware and cutlery. Currently huge volumes of paper plates, trays, and styrofoam cups make their way to our landfills. The U.S. Department of the Environment estimates 50 billion styrofoam cups were put in landfills last year. An equal number of disposable tableware and cutlery were thrown in the landfills as well. All of this could be used in compost making in the future.

The Vegware Way. Vegware’s fiber based products present saner ecological and economic options that could have a significant impact in reducing the amount of waste generated from disposable tableware and cutlery products. Vegware is made from sugarcane, potatoes, and corn. It is fully biodegradable and ready to compost.

Presently. North American consumers are ordering take-out meals in record numbers. U.S. government statistics show American families spend $3,360 a year to avoid cooking at home. Currently, an estimated 39 billion items of disposable cutlery make their way to American landfills yearly (source: The Food Packaging Institute, Washington, D.C.). Unlike traditional cutlery, Vegware products are designed to breakdown naturally, eliminating unnecessary waste.

Ways to compost. Vegware can be put into a compost pile or for better composting, crush the Vegware into smaller pieces before composting. The plates, bowls, forks, and spoons can all be composted. We’ll be adding more information as we get to know this product better.

Knives, forks and spoons made
from corn and potato starch,
biodegradable and compostable.

Plates and bowls made from bagasse,
a fibre created from the pressing of
sugar cane. Sturdy, eco-friendly,
compostable and biodegradable

the hot drink cup revolution,
compostable hot-drink cup
and lid combination, completely
biodegradable and suitable for composting.

Hinged boxes made from bagasse,
a fibre created from the pressing
of sugar cane. Sturdy, eco-friendly,
compostable and biodegradable


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