The Sno Wovel and the Back

Another big storm. The northeast just got hit with another large storm. All schools in the area were closed for the day. This is shaping up to be a record winter in terms of snow fall. This storm delivered 8″ of snow before the snow turned to rain.

Sno Wovel receives two workouts. I used the Sno Wovel twice. Once to clear 6″ of snow and again to clear 2″ of snow and about an hour’s worth of rain. Clearing the snow went as usual, a nice walk around the driveway. Clearing the very wet snow was interesting.

Snow piled high. Because we’ve had so much snow, piling it up  had become a challenge. Some had melted since our last storm so I was able to find room. When I began clearing the wet snow, I found that because it was so heavy it just compacted the lighter snow beneath it. This made the job actually easier. I  had no trouble finding room, with the Sno Wovel all I had to do was drop or toss the wet snow onto the lighter snow.

Back feels fine. But the biggest advantage is that my back feels fresh. I have no side affects from using the Sno Wovel two times, once with very heavy wet snow. It is amazing to me that when you use this snow removal tool how the work load is taken up evenly by your entire body.

The Snow Wovel is great for your back!


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