Plastics: New Way to Recycle those “Unrecyclable Number 5’s”

Not all plastics can be recycled. In fact, most yogurt cups and other polypropylene #5 plastics, unless they’re reusedend up in the landfill since so few municipalities accept them. It’s a shame considering so much of our food arrives in #5s including packaging for cottage cheese, hummus, medicine, ice cream and take-out containers. offers solutions for recycling items like toothbrushes and razor handles…you mail them in with a printable postage-paid mailer. They are also now offering drop off locations at Whole Foods Stores

‘Gimme 5’ recycling program:
Products packaged in #5 plastic are sold widely, but #5 is not recycled in most communities. By recycling your #5 plastic through the Gimme 5 program, you are saving plastic from being sent to landfills, keeping the plastic local by recycling it here in the USA, and you are powering Preserve by helping us transform your recyclables into new Preserve products.

You have two ways to Gimme 5:

  1. Drop your #5s at a Preserve Gimme 5 bin (available in select Whole Foods Market stores).
    Click here for a list of locations.
  2. If you don’t live near a Preserve Gimme 5 location, you can send us your #5s.



Peoplepoweredmachines is a family owned business, 10 years old, selling environmentally sound products such as reel mowers, electric mowers, composters, rainbarrels, solar products and more.


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