People Powered Machines exhibiting at New England Grows Exposition 2009

UPDATE TO POST: the expo is going and we are blogging every day from it. see images of the big hall, a video and day onemaps of the expo and our booth, and more!


All Set Up and Ready! ::
Today we set up our booth at the New England Grows Exposition taking place at Boston’s Exhibition and Conference Center. The state of the art facility provides a wonderful setting for exhibitors and guests.

New England Grows is one of the largest and most popular green industry events in North America —- known for its progressive educational conference and world-class exhibition. In 2008, 14,300 green industry professionals attended New England Grows. The exposition features 1400 booths jam-packed with the latest in plant material, products, equipment and services for the green industry. Thirty educational sessions are held during New England Grows. World-renowned speakers present the latest research, trends, and predictions for the green industry. Many seminars are approved for continuing education credit.

2338: Our Booth ::
At our booth we have the Greenkeeper Walkover Sprayer, The Sno-Wovel, Haaga 770 Turbo, Rolypig, Brill Razorcut, and the Smart Cart 12. The booth is full and in a great location.

What’s going on Tomorrow ::
Tomorrow I  hope to have photos of our booth and some interesting machines. Here is the schedule for Wednesday.

Expo Map ::
Our New England Grows Expo booth is 2338 and here is where we are…come visit us!



Peoplepoweredmachines is a family owned business, 10 years old, selling environmentally sound products such as reel mowers, electric mowers, composters, rainbarrels, solar products and more.


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