Brill and Haaga at Last Day of Show

Last Day: It is the last day of the show. Two of our suppliers, Brill reel mowers and Haaga sweepers, have booths.

Haaga: Haaga’s booth is run by Mike Krumm. In photo below is Haaga’s new Turbo Accu sweeper. The new Turbo Accu  powers the sweeper for an hour and a half. When Mike demoed the Turbo Accu sweeper he did it on a carpet and the Turbo Accu sweeper picked up everything. The Turbo Accu sweeper can also be used manually. It takes 8 hours for the battery to recharge. Batteries can be easily obtained here in the states.


Brill: In the photo above Lars Hundley and Steve Vesper are working away. They are the importers for the Brill reel mowers and the Tumbleweed composters. The Brill reel mower line will remain the same for 2009. In accompanying Brill reel mowers, Brill may start producing a lithium ion battery to replace the Accu battery presently sold for the electric reel mower. Tumbleweed composters are launching a new product which will enhance its compost line. The new product provides a catalyst to the compost process.


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