Schools, Restaurants, your Town, and Recyclable Vegware Cups, Plates, Utensils

My Town: In my town we have lots of restaurants, lots of schools, and lots of trash. Sadly, one school serves cafeteria food on disposable trays which are thrown out after every use. 100s of trays everyday make their way into our trash. These trays will remain in the trash waste stream for thousands of years.

Bad Lesson: Many folks don’t like this for a few reasons. It is a bad lesson for the children to throw a disposable item away which will be around for thousands of years. The trays have to be carted off to a trash system. This hauling is expensive and regular. This hauling contributes to the Greenhouse effect.

Good Lesson: Enter Vegware tableware and cutlery or similar products. If Vegware biodegradable were used the disposable waste could be placed in a unit clearly marked for compost. The compost could then be used by the school with no transfer fee, or it could be taken to the town’s transfer station. What a good lesson to teach children. If you can’t wash it and reuse, then use biodegradable tableware, cutlery, and drinking cups.

Your Town: Think of your town and its take out food industry. Imagine what a difference it would be if biodegradable products were used by your fast food establishments. In addition to tableware, Vegware also provides biodegradable cutlery and cups for hot and cold drinks. So nearly all of the take out waste could be going to make good compost and save on hauling expenses.

BIO-DEGRADEABLE CUTLERY and TABLEWARE products include bio-degradable knives, forks and spoons as well as compostable plates and bowls. also has a variety of compostable take-out boxes and fully compostable hot drink cups with an eco-friendly corn starch rather than plastic lining.

Knives, forks and spoons made
from corn and potato starch,
biodegradable and compostable.

Plates and bowls made from bagasse,
a fibre created from the pressing of
sugar cane. Sturdy, eco-friendly,
compostable and biodegradable

the hot drink cup revolution,
compostable hot-drink cup
and lid combination, completely
biodegradable and suitable for composting.

Hinged boxes made from bagasse,
a fibre created from the pressing
of sugar cane. Sturdy, eco-friendly,
compostable and biodegradable


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