What Professional Cleaners Already Know :: New Haaga 696 Sweeper

Haaga Testing: At the New England Grows Expo 2010 I had a chance to test the new Haaga Sweeper 696. This unit with two large brushes and an additional center sweeper worked incredibly well.

On Carpet and Cement: We first tried it on a carpet, and it pulled everything into the storage cannister. Next  the Haaga Sweeper 696 was used on cement, and it cleaned that extremely well. One bonus to the sweeper is that it can be used manually or with the battery.

The Battery: The battery runs for an hour and 15 minutes and takes a few hours to recharge. The battery is an ordinary battery which can be easily replaced. The Haaga Sweeper 696 would be an efficient sweeper for warehouses, metal and carpentry shops, flower shops, and tennis courts too.



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