Walkover Sprayers Spray Low To Ground Minimizing Spray Drift

The Walkover Sprayer: The Greenkeeper Walkover Sprayer is a wonderful machine hand made in the UK. As you push the sprayer the wheels drive a pump which sprays. The sprayer is ideal for golf courses, tennis courts, and any athletic fields in which turf care is required.

Minimal Drift: The Greenkeeper Walkover Sprayer nozzles are mounted on the sprayer just 5″ above ground. This provides an accurate spray with minimal spray drift. Most commercial & knapsack sprayers spray from around 3 ft height & cause major problems with spray drift, particularly in populated areas ( asthmatic effects ), but also dangerous for the operators.

PSI: The Greenkeeper Walkover Sprayers operate normally at around 1 Bar pressure. This is
the equivalent of 15 Pounds per Square Inch pressure (psi). The output of the pump is 1.82 litres per minute at walking speed of 3.5mph

2 Nozzles: The Greenkeeper uses 2 sizes of spray nozzle. Both are supplied with the sprayer. A Red nozzle. The 25litre tank (5 gallons) will give coverage of 600 sq.
yards = 5400 sq. feet. A Blue nozzle. Will give coverage of 800 sq. yards = 7200 sq. feet.

Nozzle Size: The nozzle sizes are metrically calibrated: red is 200 micron & blue is 150 micron in size.

Greenkeeper Walkover Sprayer

Greenkeeper Walkover Sprayer


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