Ecopod replaced by Mode Recycling Products

Ecopod to Mode: For a few years we successfully sold a product called the Ecopod. It was designed by BMW and customers loved this product. Then the distributor just disappeared and we could never reach them again. After 2 years, we are thrilled to have found an even better, more sturdy product at a lower cost, the Mode recycling units.

Mode Offers Three Units: Mode Products offers three units. The top of the line is stainless steel. Next in line is made from painted plastic. The next does not offer the electric measuring device.

Mode Recycling Centers

Mode Recycling Centers

Bottle and Can Crusher: These units come with a bottle and can crusher which dramatically shrinks your waste. The units also come with a compartment for paper and magazines.

For those wishing to lessen their waste and keep bottles, cans, paper, and magazines organized in one place, the Mode is here.

Sort. Store. And crush your way to a cleaner counter top. The Mode™ Premium All-In-One Recycling Center, featuring our patent-pending compaction system.

  • holds up to 3 times more than a typical bin
  • crushes aluminum cans
  • crushes plastic bottles & jugs
  • paper bin to eliminate kitchen clutter
  • organizes all recyclables in one spot
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