Sunlawn’s Classic Reel Lawn Mower cuts up to 3 3/4″

UPDATE TO POST : Sunlawn Mower Reel Mower Brand Taken over by Easun


Sunlawn’s Classic Reel Mower has highest cutting height of all reel mowers:

Made to replace the Sunlawn MM2, we have just learned that the new 2009 Sunlawn’s Classic Reel Lawn Mower has a height cutting range of 1″ to 3 3/4“.  This makes it the mower for folks who want to leave their grass longer. Customarily reel mowers have a top range of 2”To compare specs on all the Sunlawns side-by-side, check out this chart.

Photo Preview:


Top of the Line Reel Mower:

The Sunlawn Classic reel mower is Sunlawn’s top of the line model.  It has flame hardened steel blades and ten inch rubber wheels. Sunlawn engineered this reel lawn mower specifically for those in the northern part of the US. Here is a sneak preview of the new specs for this mower::

  • Weight 8.8Kg (19.3 pounds)
  • Cutting width 40cm (16 inches)
  • Cutting height 10 – 50mm (1 – 3.75 inches), easily adjusted
  • Contact-free 5 blade design for exceptional ease of pushing
  • Precision ground, flame hardened, bearing mounted blades
  • Expected reel mower blade life without sharpening 8 – 10 years
  • Rigid full-width handle with foam grip
  • Sunlawn Push Reel Mowers have a Two year warranty
  • Optional Grass Catcher

The other new 2009 Sunlawn model, the Ideal reel mower, will have cutting heights to 3″. This mower cuts a bit lower than the Sunlawn Classic and has no back rollers.


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