Sunlawn’s Ideal Reel Mower Cuts from .5″ to 3″

UPDATE TO POST : Sunlawn Mower Reel Mower Brand Taken over by Easun


Just off the press. We have been waiting on specs for the new Ideal Reel Mower and here they are ::

The new 2009 model of  Sunlawn‘s Ideal reel lawn mower cuts from .5″ to 3″. The Ideal has larger improved wheels and its ten inch rubber wheels can now cut Bermuda. The Ideal is the new version of the LMM40 which we presently sell. The Ideal should be in stock  in late April.

Sunlawn Ideal 40 rear view

Sunlawn 2009 Ideal Mower

Redesigned and re-engineered, the Sunlawn Ideal 40 reel mower has 10″ rubber wheels and cuts from .5″ to 3″.


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