Easy, Odorless Worm Bins: Build or Buy?

First, know this ::

1/3 of all methane emissions come from rotting organic matter in our landfills.

Mother nature takes 500 to 1,000 years to produce one inch of topsoil or humus. Earthworms, under a stand of trees where leaves drop and animals stand for shade, can produce on inch of humus in five years!

So no matter what you have to do to avoid throwing away organic matter…compost bins, wormeries, even buying your waste…let’s get everyone we can on board! This video below…is hilarious and shows you how you can have a worm bin for very little money. It’s not ideal…mostly because sorting out the worms with this type bin is a time consuming pain, but it’s better than nothing. Our favorite worm bins have stacks or trays so that as the organic matter gets digested, the worms just move up. Yes, there are a few worms who just don’t like to move up, and some lovely worm egg cocoons…but it is way more segregated and will save you hours to purchase a stack version for about $40 more dollars. The one we have in our basement this winter is the Can-O-Worms and it has handled the organic kitchen waste from a very vegetable-eating family of 4. And you can see…. our worms are really happy!

So without further adieu…How to build your own worm bin, and why, from The Environmentalists!

And this from the Worm Guy…explaining why we each need to adopt a pro-active response to our organic waste…


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