New for 2009: Epic Solar Powered and Cordless Electric Mower

The Epic Mower is arriving at our warehouse in days. We’ll begin shipping on Monday March 23, 2009

Epic Mower: The new Epic Cordless Electric Mower uses a 24 volt system comprised of two 12 volt batteries. The Epic EP21H is a rotary mower, self-propelled and will run for approximately 45 minutes.


Arriving Soon: The only high-performance cordless electric mower with features typically found on high-end gass models:

  • mulching
  • push-button start
  • self-propelled rear wheel drive

One Powerful Cordless Mower

  • cuts the average lawn in one charge
  • 21″ inch extra wide cut
  • battery powers mower for 45 minutes on one charge
  • 24 volt system powered by two 12 volt batteries

Maintenance + Hassle + Pollution Free

  • requires no gas, oil, maintenance or annoying cords
  • low maintenance costs, hassles, and pollution
  • solar panel option

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