Earthday 2009: Our Top Ten Must-Read Articles

We have looked thru all our favorite environmental posts from this year and rounded up our fav top ten. And just so you know we can count, yes there are 16 here…after looking thru all our writing, some could not be left off the list! Enjoy. Let’s change our world…

  1. America Spends More Money on Lawn Care than Foreign Aid: Why We Need Less Lawn
  2. Recycling Market Plummets 90%: How to Help Your Recycling Center
  3. Stop the Noise! How Leaf Blowers, Gas Mowers and Snow Blowers are Effecting Our Health
  4. 3 Plastics to Avoid: #3, #6, #7, and Why…
  5. Massive Honeybee Die-offs Linked to Pesticides: A Big Reason to Grow and Buy Organic
  6. Save 41 pounds of paper and lots of time…opt out of junk mail.
  7. Why Reel Mowers are Still Best for the Environment
  8. Non-Toxic Dry Cleaning: How to Make Sure Your Cleaner is Not Greenwashing Their Eco-Services
  9. Use a Rain Barrel for Easy Greywater Diversion Systems
  10. Stop! Don’t put Shredded Paper in your Recycling Bin
  11. Stop! Opt Out of Getting Telephone Books
  12. Worm Composters: Spring Tips, Troubleshooting, and FAQ’s
  13. Really Happy Worms! My Easy Winter Worm-Composting
  14. Coffee Grounds : Perk up Your Compost Pile More Effectively Than Manure
  15. Plastics: New Way to Recycle those “Unrecyclable Number 5’s”
  16. Trees: Study Finds Exact Placement for best Energy Savings

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