Planting Time: Quick Newspaper Seedling Pots

newspaper seedling pots

newspaper seedling pots

Today I spent the whole lovely day in the garden! My grass is sprouting, my seedlings started inside were planted, and I needed just a few more little peat pots for some things like sunflowers and other warm-starting seeds.

In an attempt to avoid jumping in my car I found this cool shortcut to quick starter pots…newspaper seedling pots. I quickly assigned these to my kids to do (which they happily stopped raking and hoeing, got a lemon-aide, and sat down and followed the you-tube video). The newspaper will decompose in your garden or you can remove it before setting the plant into the garden. Worried about toxic ink? Never mind that… most daily newspapers are printed with food grade soy based ink nowadays, and even the color ink is made from it…just not the shiny stuff. The only thing to remember is to make sure the newspaper is not above the ground when planting or it will wick the moisture from your seedling.

Rather have a picture tutorial than a video…here you go. Or another one here.


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