Planting Time: Worm Castings + Pre-soaked Seeds

After a happy winter of worm composting…I harvested my can-o-worms worm castings earlier today, grabbed by my pre-soaked seeds, and went to town planting. This year I am trying the Gurney’s lettuce and radish seed tapes. Will keep you posted on how they well they germinate. I pre-soak and plant them every 2 weeks or so apart. Right now I tend to think they are a bit close, but they are really easy to tuck into the garden quickly so I am more apt to keep planting into late spring. I also really like my little mini-seed-master to plant rows of things like onions, leeks, carrots…little tiny seeds.

worm castings, soaked seeds, ready to go!

worm castings, soaked seeds, ready to go!

testing seeds in the paper-towel plastic-bag method.

testing seeds in the paper-towel plastic-bag method.

On a somewhat related note, I saved a few absurdly expensive seeds from last year, and didn’t ever get around to freezing them. Before investing time, a garden bed and my energy in them I tested them by soaking them and watching their sprouting percentage. Not as complicated as it sounds. Here’s a simple explanation.

If you tested 10 seeds from a leftover packet and only six sprouted, you should expect a 60 percent germination rate from that batch. Plant extra to compensate. If very few germinated, buy new seeds for this year.


One response to “Planting Time: Worm Castings + Pre-soaked Seeds

  1. peoplepoweredmachines

    UPDATE TO POST:: Well, my Lettuce seed tapes were unimpressive to say the least. I would never order these again. The seeds seems not to thrive. The seeds I broadcast freely did much better.

    And…today, THAT D… BUNNY ate all my snow peas and kale. I will have to go reread that NYT article from last spring… Peter Rabbit Must Die!

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