For Zoysia Grasses: We have added the American Reel Mower

We have customers looking for mowers for specific grass types so after testing, we decided to add the American Reel Mower to our line for zoysia grass types.

The American Reel Lawnmower 1705-16:
The The American Reel Lawnmower 1705-16 cuts zoysia very well. It is made specifically for cutting low lying grass. This specialty Push Mower is equipped with a 7-blade reel assembly designed specifically to cut low-growing, creeping grasses such as Bent and Bermuda found in the South, Southwest and Southeast.

American Reel Mower Features:
• 4 spider 7 blade, ball bearing reel
• Tempered alloy steel reel and bed knife blade
• Unbreakable steel side plate and 1″ welded torsion bar frame assembly
• 10″ durable composite wheels with radial tread tires
• 2-3/4″ Molded hub caps
• Cutting height 1/2″ to 1-3/4″ with adjustable 7-section roller
• Powder-coated handle with flared design
• Cushioned handle grips


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