New 2009 Sunlawn Easun Reel Mower: First test mow results are great.

UPDATE TO POST : Sunlawn Mower Reel Mower Brand Taken over by Easun


Sunlawn 2009 Ideal Mower

Sunlawn 2009 Ideal Mower

New 2009 Sunlawn Easun Ideal Reel Lawnmower:
We have been waiting for this shipment of the new and improved Sunlawn Eason reel mower for months now. We received ours last week and I just ran some test mows with this 2009 model. We happy to report it worked very well and we are excited to endorse this new reel mower as the reel that fits the mid-priced market.

Bigger wheels for more power, Higher cutting heights added:
The mower took about 5 minutes to assemble…not much difference there. What really impresses me are the new bigger ten inch rubber wheels. They feel to me like they power the mower better.  The ability to cut from 0.6″ to 3″ offers a wide range…and among the highest cutting heights in reel mowers out there. I mowed about 6000 square feet in about 30 minutes…and then went right to Sunlawn to confirm enough to stock our summer season! So if you are in the mid-range reel mower price point, this is the mower we recommend.

Redesigned and re-engineered, the Sunlawn Ideal 40 reel mower has 10″ rubber wheels and cuts from .5″ to 3″.


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