Remington Cordless Electric Mower Replaced by Epic Electric Model with Solar Option

So What Happened to Cordless Remington Electric Mowers?
Last year we were pleased to sell an electric mower made by Remington. This winter Remington Mowers (after announcing 2 great new models) surprised us all by filing for bankruptcy and went out of business. We were told that the employees tried to purchase the company but they were unsuccessful in their bid. Isn’t that a shame.

epic solar mower specs

epic solar mower specs

Epic Electric Mower Can even be Solar Mower :
With that knowledge (and lots of customers to whom a reel type mower is not an option), we began a search for another powerful cordless electric rotary to round out our electric mower line. Features we looked for were those like a high-end gas model: mulching, push-button start, self-propelled rear wheel drive. After testing the new models out there, we chose the Cordless Electric Epic 21″rotary mower which utilizes a brushless system. The Epic mower is manufactured by Linamar and under the Solaris, Epic and Utopia brand names. Our customers are uniformly very happy with the Epic. They like the powerful features that are usually just on gas-powered models,  and the ability to go completely off the grid and add a solar charging station.

epic solar + electric mower


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