Easun Mowers will not have Sunlawn Brand Name Afterall

ADDENDUM TO PRIOR POST: Sunlawn Reel Mower Brand Taken over by Easun


Easun Ideal reel lawn mower

Recently we reported that the Easun company filled the void left by Sunlawn’s closing, buying their designs and mower manufacturing setup. When Sunlawn closed its operations in May 2009, we were all very surprised, but also very relieved to have Easun keep these fine reel mowers in production for this 2009 season.

Originally, the mowers were going to keep the Sunlawn brand names and prepend Easun to them. Today we learned that the mowers will be completely renamed under the Easun brand as Easun prepares their marketing campaigns. We are about to head over to the site and change all the Branding on these mowers, but if you are in the middle of deciding/comparing/researching mowers we thought you’d want to know what’s up. See New Easun NaturCut Reel Mowers

David Temple


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