Easun Naturcut 4 Minute Adjustment

Naturcut push reel mower

Naturcut push reel mowers

Easun Naturcut Adjustment:
While most of our customers have been pleased with their purchase of this powerful new push reel mower, some have had to make some adjustments due to shipping vibrations loosening a particular part of the mover. If your Easun is making a celebratory clanging sound, this post is for you!

Here’s the Adjustment::
Take off the hub cap. Take off the E-clip with a screw driver. Take off the two washers and take off the wheel. Now you can see a screw which fastens the handle stem. Tighten the screw with a philips head screw driver. Put wheel back, put washers on, put E-clip on, put hub cap back on. If noise persists, do the other side.

Naturcut Reel Mowers are the rebranded Sunlawn Brand Mowers. For more on that, see this post.


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