Coming Soon: New Electric Riding Mower

New Product : Finally An Electric Riding Mower
We are happy to announce that soon we will be selling the riding Recharge Mower with ZERO EMISSIONS!  The Recharge Mower will work for up to three hours on a full overnight charge of twelve hours.  This mower is maintenance free and is designed so any adult is capable of mowing.

The Recharge Mower:
The mower runs at 4.5 mph and has a 27″ cutting width with 5 adjustable height positions between .75″ and 2.75″.  Recharge mowers make very little noise (the manufacturers actually had to install an audible warning indicator for when the mower is put into reverse) and  hold up to 330 lbs along with the capability to tow an additional 330lbs.

Riding Recharge Mower

Riding Recharge Mower


5 responses to “Coming Soon: New Electric Riding Mower

  1. I saw the recharge mower at a john deere new products intro in sarasota,fl monday the 20th of october.
    I had a chance to use it and it was impressive and quiet.
    john deere thinks that this is going to be a future
    threat. I would not surprise me if they are working on their own version as we speak.
    gainesville , fl.

  2. Hi. We’re taking over maintenance of a 1 acre yard. We’ve been researching small, reliable, efficient ride-on mowers and discovered the RechargeMower. Our current mower is a corded electric that we run with solar power. Do you have any info on the number of Kwh needed for an overnight (12 hour) charge for the RechargeMower? How about battery life (how many charges)? Thanks

  3. peoplepoweredmachines

    Batteries should last for 250 to 300 cycles. Takes a 4 kw to charge.

  4. peoplepoweredmachines

    Our customers have been very happy with their Recharge Mowers.

  5. peoplepoweredmachines

    The Recharge Mower would be an excellent choice. They are developing a solar charger for the Recharge Mower. Battery life depends on usage but estimates are five years. Regards, David

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