Another Reason to Reduce Your Lawn Size

We know, we are the only lawnmower company urging you to reduce your lawn size! But we are in this business for environmental reasons and lawns are incredibly environmentally expensive.

We spend $40 billion annually, roughly the gross domestic product of Vietnam, on our lawns. And we pump in $10 billion worth of pesticides and fertilizers keeping it green.

lawns are America’s largest irrigated crop — we have 63,240 square miles under cultivation — and we use roughly 19 trillion gallons of water annually to care for them.

It seems lately I have become more concerned about water rights and availability and along comes this article pointing out that the days of free flowing water are in our past.

with 36 states anticipating local, regional or statewide water shortages by 2013, the question is no longer if we’re going to face a problem but when.

Picture 4

So let’s all figure out a few small ways we can decrease our lawn a bit every year. Fall is a great time to reduce your lawn size a  little and convert your areas to a mixed landscape.


  • reduced water consumption – according to the EPA, 30 to 60% of urban fresh water is used to water lawns each year. Turf requires two to three times the water of a sustainable mixed landscape.
  • saves time and energy on lawn maintenance
  • if you don’t grasscycle, less yard waste to be composted or taken to a landfill – a 2000 sq ft lawn produces 600-800 pounds of clippings per summer on average
  • reduce use of herbicides, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers
  • reduce air and noise pollution if you use a  gas mower – lawns cover 20 million acres of residential land in the US, and lawnmowers account for 5% of the air pollution. A 3.5 hp lawnmower pollutes as much in one hour as an automobile driving 350 miles.
  • reduced lawn size means you can dump your gas mower altogether and use a pleasant push reel mower or electric mower!
  • enhance your yard biodiversity – varied plantings offer shelter and feeding opportunities for wildlife

One response to “Another Reason to Reduce Your Lawn Size

  1. that is true the bigger the lawn the more it costs to make it green with a small yard it wont cost as much to take care of. I see alot of yards that are half green, what i mean is they take care of the front yard and let the back yard go. if you downsized maybe people would be able to take care of the entire yard.

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