Leaves Are Falling! Time To Purchase Fall Lawn Equipment…

Our Product: With the leaves beginning to change color and fall, it’s time to start thinking about getting those leaves off your lawn! Instead of back breaking and time consuming raking check out the push lawn sweeper that collects leaves ten times faster than regular raking.  Not only is it more efficient, but it reduces the strain on the back and allows you to pick up leaves without bending over.  Now, you don’t have to buy a separate leaf blower to get those leaves off your driveway because the push lawn sweeper clears all kinds of surfaces.  Choose from our regular push lawn sweeper with a 26″ cutting width or the deluxe sweeper with a 31″ cutting width (clearing your lawn twice as fast!).  Use the sweeper instead of laborious raking and polluting noisy leaf blowers.  You’ll be doing better for the environment while saving time and enjoying the pleasant autumn air!

Push Lawn Sweeper

Push Lawn Sweeper


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