Monthly Archives: November 2009

Ecofans: Circulating Heat While Using Less Fuel

Get ready for the winter and decrease your fuel costs  with the Ecofan!

Looking for a way to warm up your house, but don’t want to increase your oil bill? Then the Ecofan is perfect for you!  Ecofans generate their own electricity from the heat that comes from your wood stove and circulate the heat around the room, making it warmer.  The fan will improve the circulation of heat in your living area and keep you warm on the coldest days of winter. Purchase the Ecofan original model or the airplus model which is ideal for those living off the grid.  Check it out now and get your house nice and warm for this cold winter!


Great for the Holiday Season: Pine Needle Placemats!

New to our website: pine needle placemats handmade in Mexico and sold from our website.  These durable and aesthetically pleasing placemats would make the perfect holiday gift or would fit in with the festive Thanksgiving decorations.  We’ve had these placemats for almost ten years now and they’re in the same condition that they were when we purchased them in a village outside of Mexico City!  Unlike cloth placemats these never have to be washed in the washing machine, instead you can just shake the crumbs right into the trash, wipe them down, and they’re ready for the next use!  Order a set of four off our website and you’ll never have to buy another set of placemats!


Pine Needle Placemats

Winter is Just Around the Corner! Purchase your Sno Wovel Now!

It may seem like fall just started but here in New England we’ve already had our first snow fall!  It’s now time to start thinking about those tools you’ll be needing to prepare for this year’s winter.

The Sno Wovel: Winning the best invention of 2006 from Time Magazine, using the Sno Wovel is an efficient, easy, and reduces the risk of heart and back injury.  Make shoveling your driveway as easy as walking with the three steps: scoop, lift, and throw! The Sno Wovel lacks the expense, fumes, and maintenance of a snow blower and is easy to adjust to your body size.  Your driveway, landscape, and your back will not be harmed and it’s folding design makes it easy to store.  Say goodbye to long hours in the cold, dense, and wet snow and take advantage of the Sno Wovel!


Sno Wovel

New Improvements to the Rolypigs

Four new improvements have been made to this year’s Rolypig making assembly much easier!  The improvements are as follows:

-The new Rolypigs being purchased now have larger fixing brackets, making assembly more efficient.

-The nose and lid are all made in one piece so they do not have to be put together and assembled separately.

-Better quality of the plastic partition, which now bends during assembly.

– The flange assembly is also easier with four separate adjustable parts.


New and Improved Rolypig!