Why the Fiskars Reel Momentum Mower?

While Reel mowers are always a smarter choice for your lawn, health, the environment, and your budget they do have some limitations. These include the need for frequent sharpening and frequent jamming and an old-fashioned look.

Fiskars Solution:

-Combines patent pending technology with Fiskars exclusive design features to deliver a reel mower that performs differently than other reel mowers.

-The StaySharp cutting system is precision engineered to cut grass without the blades touching in order to reduce friction and blade wear.  As a result, the long lasting performance is maintained without the cost and inconvenience of annual blade sharpening.

-The VersaCut design delivers the greatest cut range of any reel mover with height settings from 1″ to 4″.

-Incorporates advanced technologies that reduce cutting system friction, provide optimal blade positioning, and deliver extra cutting power to reduce push force by 30%

-Completely eliminates uncut strips from under the wheels.

-Features a unique forward throw grass discharge chute for simple, mess-free operation

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